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Tips for Being Seen as a Small Business

I get it, we live in south Louisiana. But camouflage is only cool if you’re sitting in a deer stand or duck blind. But, if you’re a small business owner you definitely don’t want your business to be blending in!

One of the best things you can do for your company is to be visible!

People need to know you exist and a great way to get yourself out there is by having a website and a presence on social media.  Think about it, the first place people go to look up a business is Google. From there if they can’t find your website or at the very least a Facebook or Instagram page to check out your work, they’re probably going to move on to your competitors.

So you’re thinking to yourself, I have a Facebook page. That’s great! How often are you posting? What’s the content like; is it of value to your customers?

Regularly posting interesting and useful content is going to draw potential customers in.

And while you’re at it, make sure you have your contact information on all of your business pages, such as an email address or phone number.  You want people to be able to easily get in touch with you for more information about what you can provide them.

What about a website? Do you have one? How long has it been since you’ve updated it?

You want your website to be a reflection of who you are and what you do.

But that’s not all, it’s important to ensure your website is intuitive, well-branded and useful for your potential customers. Especially in this day and age. Because having a great website can be the difference between making the sale or not.

Finally, make sure you have updated content on all platforms that is of value to your customers and potential customers.  Let them know what services you offer, how they can contact you, any benefits that come from working with you, etc.

Don’t worry so much about needing to have the best of the best. For now, just worry about getting started. All you need is some good content, an eye-catching website, and an active social media presence. If you follow these tips your small business will be seen in no time!

How to Optimize Your Website’s Performance

Having a website that delivers a smooth user experience is crucial to seeing conversions happen. However, it’s easy for your site to get bogged down by clutter and unnecessary content. Here’s how to optimize your website’s performance. Specifically, how you can effectively manage how much disk space your website is using. 

Disk space is the amount of physical storage space available on a server to store all of the files and content that make up a website. When disk space usage is excessive, it can cause a website to run much slower, resulting in a poor user experience, or in some cases, the website may not even be accessible. When hosting multiple websites on the same server, it is important to ensure that disk space is properly allocated and used efficiently to prevent any website from using too much disk space, as all of the websites hosted on the server share the same disk space. It is also important to regularly monitor disk space usage to ensure that a website does not start using too much disk space and affect the performance of the other websites hosted on the server.

You can address this issue by ensuring that only the essential files are present on the website. Carefully review the files that have been created and delete any that are not necessary for the website to be hosted and function properly. This helps you to conserve disk space, as well as make the website more efficient and streamlined. Additionally, you should make sure to regularly check for and delete any files that are no longer being used on the website.

How to Optimize Disk Space

As stated above, you should review the files of a website and ensure they are not being used by a website before deleting them. These files can be on a website for a number of reasons whether it’s old content that has been phased out over time or if a page was made from a template and still has the files from the template accessible. You can view how much disk space your website is using by looking at it. 

It is important to regularly check the files on your website and delete anything that is not being utilized. This will free up the disk space that the unused files are taking up. Just because a file is not being used does not mean it is not there, as there could be content taking up space that is not necessary.

Exclusive Experience Showcase

Exclusive Experience is a barbershop specializing in non-surgical hair replacement solutions. They came to Procept Marketing looking to generate more business through digital marketing. After analyzing their website and goals, we determined that SEO and ad marketing would be the best fit. 

Through the use of Google Ad Words and SEO, we began to see both an increase in traffic and an increase in conversions on the client’s website. 

Here are the metrics for Impressions and Link Clicks for the EE website after we began their SEO

You can see below how each of our search terms are ranked in Google. We’ve blurred out the terms themselves, after all, we don’t want to give away our secrets on a client showcase. 

Today, Exclusive Experience continues to rank at the top of the Google rankings for its industry. We are very proud of the work that we were able to do for Exclusive Experience and look to them as an example of the kind of SEO work that we can provide for new and existing clients. 

Sibley Construction Showcase

Sibley Construction is a construction company that specializes in roofing and insurance claims and they came to Procept Marketing seeking to take advantage of digital advertising and SEO benefits to increase their business. Let’s start with what we did for their social media.

Before we began working with Sibley Construction, they had posts going out, but they lacked any sense of brand recognition. We worked to remedy this by creating graphics that incorporated Sibley’s colors and logo to establish a solid brand identity. Here are some examples of what that looked like.

Once their page had a consistent and professional look, that’s when we began making moves elsewhere.

Utilizing a combination of Google Ad Words, OTT (Over The Top) ads, Social Media ads, and SEO, we started sending more traffic to Sibley’s site, and where there’s traffic, there’s business. Here are some screenshots of the analytics once we started pushing traffic. 

In addition to an increase in website traffic, we also began seeing an increase in Facebook traffic as well. 

Using the user data that we gathered from these pushes to Sibley’s website, we began running retargeting campaigns to put our ads in front of people who had visited the site but didn’t take any action. 

Today, we run multiple ad campaigns across social media and SEO platforms to continue getting Sibley in front of their ideal customer. Additionally, we have also created and currently manage the social media accounts for Sibley Construction in Lake Charles and Sibley Construction in Houma, all while maintaining brand cohesion across all channels.

Olde Wood Accents Showcase

Olde Wood Accents is a company centered around the creation of beautiful woodwork using wood that’s been reclaimed from abandoned structures from all over the U.S. 

When they approached Procept about working with us, they were looking to generate more business through social media marketing. Here’s what we did. 

We set out to build Facebook ad campaigns that promoted Olde Wood’s services, namely their flooring and hollow beams. Once the campaigns were created, we began building a sales funnel.

Using the gorgeous website that we built to replace their old site, we created “hidden” pages to act as landing pages for traffic from the ads. These pages were hidden for two reasons:

  1. To accurate measure where the traffic to these pages were coming from in order to optimize our ads
  2. To prevent cluttering up the website with too much content

Each landing page included details regarding the service in question, information about Olde Wood as a company, and finally, several sections for visitors to input their contact info. 

Additionally, using the website’s Facebook Pixel, we gathered retargeting data that we were able to use in subsequent campaigns.

How did these ads do? We think this text speaks for itself:

Vcay.com Showcase

Vcay.com is a short-term rental service that offers high-quality accommodations to guests visiting New Orleans. When they came our way, Vcay.com’s website lacked the polish and functionality of other leaders within this industry. Our high-level goals included improving the overall mobile user experience and sleeker design interface. Ultimately, our client needed a platform that could rival the established names in the short-term rental industry. The finished product of the website contains a variety of search functions, scheduling options, and easy-to-use booking systems that make finding a place to stay a breeze. When comparing the new site to the old one, it’s easy to see how Procept Marketing took it from just a website to an immersive user experience.

Here's Their Old Site

Here's What We Did

We added splashes of color that create a solid brand identity for Vcay.com to use going forward. Accents of pink and purple are present throughout the site, creating a cohesive and consistent brand experience that helps set Vcay.com apart from the competition.

In the short-term rental industry, there is a steady decline in both Airbnb and Vrbo bookings as time goes on. With the time and effort we’ve poured into this project, we’re confident in saying that Vcay.com is now not only able to stand toe-to-toe with its competitors, but excel past them.

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Swordfish Diving Showcase

Swordfish Diving is a professional maritime engineering and consulting company that is capable of providing inspection and construction services. When they came to us, they needed ways to generate some attention around their business, and somewhere to send all the traffic they were hoping to receive. We set to work developing a professional and gorgeous website, while also optimizing that site to be SEO friendly. Before long, their numbers skyrocketed and so many calls were coming in, that it was hard for them to keep up. We look at our work with Swordfish Diving as an excellent example of the kind of work we are able to provide to our clients.

SEO Success

It can be difficult for a new website to get found in search engine results without an established strategy and longevity on the web. It can be difficult for a new website to get found in search engine results without an established strategy and longevity on the web.

We utilize a variety of tools to assess the effectiveness of our optimization efforts. Heatmap tracking of the home page displays which parts of a page users visit and click frequently. These hotspots provide our client with the opportunity to get to know what’s hot and what’s not, so our SEO team here at Procept Marketing can make effective changes accordingly to increase conversions. Suggested changes to page structure can be backed up by data, not aesthetic preference. This is the power of a domestic, in-house SEO team.

Want results like these?

Interested in how the combined utilization of website development and Search Engine Optimization can work for your business? Let's talk!

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Captions on Please

Not getting as many views as you would like on your videos? We might have the solution for you.

Wondering why you aren’t getting much engagement with your businesses’ videos? Lack of subtitles might just be the reason. Using subtitles in your videos is one of the best ways to get your views and engagement up. From Facebook reels to video ads, viewers are much more likely to stay engaged with closed captions. 

Viewers prefer to have the subtitles on for many different reasons. Not only are they used for those who are hard of hearing and deaf, but many people find that they better remember and comprehend the video or clip when they can read along with what they are watching. Language barriers are no longer an issue when subtitles are offered. Most platforms have many different subtitle languages to select from. That being said, they are very beneficial for those who speak a different language than the video is in. Also, if you are trying to learn a new language, using subtitles in that language is a good idea. You can listen to the audio in your own language, while having the new language to read along with and make those connections. 

Many people don’t even use sound when watching videos!

Most videos on Facebook are watched without sound, so adding subtitles would boost your views from those who can’t or don’t want to listen with sound. TikTok is also another very popular platform that consists of only videos. When I am watching TikTok in a quiet area, I always have to scroll past the videos without subtitles. I have missed quite a few interesting videos doing this. Simply adding these subtitles would be such an easy way to gain views.

Boots your downloads and shares!

Just think about how many more downloads and shares you would have if you did something so simple as create subtitles for your videos. Another reason why these are so beneficial is if a downloaded video with subtitles has no sound, or the sound isn’t working, you can still understand what is being said. I hope you have learned the importance of using closed captions with videos. Remember to always include subtitles to get those views up!!

Why Shouldn’t You Market to Everyone

Why shouldn’t you market to everyone? Well, there’s a few reasons. You could just bombard everyone with ads and hope that they’ll become customers. However, is that the best way to do it?

Let’s break it down

Let’s say you sell purses. Now if you market to everyone, on average you’re likely to hit about a 50/50 split of men and women. Now let’s take the majority of men out of the equation. Usually, they aren’t interested in purses unless it’s for a gift.

So that’s already a significant portion of your audience that is out the window. It’s not just your audience that’s gone, it’s also your money and effort.  And then if you look at women, that’s going to be another major chunk gone as a lot of women who use purses already, have purses they are satisfied with. So with the shotgun blast approach, you’re spending tons of money and time to hit just a fraction of your audience.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend that money and time marketing to 100% of an audience that are likely to purchase your products? Yes, yes it would be.

There’s a better way than marketing to everyone.

Getting new customers is important, make no mistake. And yeah, you’ll likely get new customers from the spread approach to your marketing. However, the numbers for the cost to profit just don’t add up.

Instead what you want to do is to market to your current customers with deals and specials, and then tactically market to non-customers that are more likely to become customers.

The tactical part is where marketing experts and consultants usually have to come in to help, but it’s very doable, and typically costs less than marketing to everyone under the sun.

What is Social Proof?

Did you ever play Follow the Leader or Simon Says as an adolescent? Can you recall saying the phrase “All the cool kids are doing it” as a teenager. Ever avoided visiting a restaurant or watching a movie because of bad reviews? If so, then you my friend, have been under the influence of Social Proof.

Social proof isn’t all that unlike those childhood games.

People with authority and influence often call the shots and those of us who are unfamiliar, often follow along happily, and without second thought. But it’s also more than just who is speaking up. Social Proof is a numbers game. For example, when shopping on Amazon are you more likely to purchase the product with one hundred reviews or six thousand reviews? Probably the product with more reviews. So why am I telling you all of this? Because it can improve your business! We can use this insight to influence your audience to gain their trust. That trust is key if you are trying to convert followers into customers. But how do you go about actually applying this information? Well, here are a few suggestions to increase your online authority and leverage social proof.

Let Others Speak on Your Behalf:

-Encourage Customers to share Photos and Testimonials -Spotlight and Reward Customers who do Give Reviews -Share Reviews on 3rd party sites like Yelp and Google -Begin a Customer Referral Program -Work with micro-influencers to endorse your brand

Proudly Display Your Best Numbers:

-How many followers do you have on Social Media? -How many customers have bought your product or used your service? -Have you saved your clients money, if so how much?

Take Advantage of Visuals:

-Showcase before and after photos -Share videos of your product/service in action

Brag on Yourself:

-Have you won any awards for your work? -Has your business been featured locally? -Showcase any certifications you may have. We hope this encourages you to jump on the bandwagon as well. If you’re serious about increasing conversions and driving traffic you may want to consider implementing some of the above mentioned suggestions. After all, leveraging Social Proof is fairly simple, affordable and can have huge payoffs for your business.