Selective Hearing- Doctors of Audiology


In this case study, we explore our wins & strategy for Selective Hearing, a distinguished healthcare practice specializing in audiology services.

Client Overview

Name: Selective Hearing: Doctors of Audiology 

Industry: Healthcare

Services/Product Offerings: Audiology testing, Hearing Aids


Selective Hearing faced significant challenges with their previous marketing agency, experiencing issues related to miscommunication and content not resonating with their target audience. These challenges hindered their ability to effectively communicate their services and reach potential clients.


The objectives set by Selective Hearing were crystal clear and aligned with SMART goals. They aimed to revitalize their online presence, increase appointment bookings by 25%, and enhance brand recognition within a 90-day period.


Our marketing strategy involved a comprehensive review of Selective Hearing’s previous challenges. We crafted a tailored plan focused on refining communication strategies, leveraging Google Ads for new business acquisition, and implementing retargeting ads to reinforce brand recognition.


The step-by-step implementation process included refining content to align with the audience’s needs, launching targeted Google Ads campaigns, and introducing retargeting ads for enhanced brand recall. Continuous monitoring allowed us to make real-time adjustments, optimizing the campaign’s performance.



"Working with Procept Marketing has been a game-changer for Selective Hearing. Our appointments are consistently filled, and the feedback from our audience has been overwhelmingly positive. The strategic approach and effective communication have truly set Procept apart in the realm of healthcare marketing."


In conclusion, our strategic marketing efforts not only successfully addressed Selective Hearing’s challenges but also exceeded their objectives. This case study underscores the impactful role of targeted marketing in the healthcare sector, particularly for audiology practices.

Lessons Learned

Through this campaign, we gained valuable insights into effective communication strategies for healthcare practices, emphasizing the importance of aligning content with audience needs. These lessons will guide our future strategies for similar projects.

Next Steps

Our partnership with Selective Hearing continues to evolve. Future initiatives include further refining our communication strategies, exploring additional avenues for online visibility, and maintaining our commitment to their sustained success.

If your healthcare practice is seeking to elevate its online presence and enhance patient engagement, let’s schedule a consultation!

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