Nail the Perfect Timing: When to Send Email Campaigns for Maximum Impact!

Hey there, email marketing maestros! It’s easy to unlock the secret to timing your email campaigns like a pro. You’re in luck because we’re here to spill the beans on the best times to hit that “send” button and make your emails shine. 

The Early Bird Catches the Clicks: Morning Magic!

Mornings are the perfect time to capture a customers attention with your email magic! They are prime time for engagement because people tend to check their phones the moment the get out of bed. They’ll check their inboxes before breakfast, heading out to work, or dropping the kids off at school. If you want to catch your audience at a time they are on their phones, mornings are the first place you should try.

Lunch Break Delight: Afternoons for the Win!

When that lunchtime hunger strikes afternoons are a sweet spot for email campaigns. Folks have some breathing room from their busy mornings and are looking for a delightful distraction. Simply eating food isn’t enough, and they need something a little more stimulating to keep themselves interested while they take a snack break. Your emails could be just the kind of thing they are looking for!

The Evening Chill: A Time to Unwind

As the day winds down, people seek relaxation and a bit of online browsing. Enter your email campaign, ready to soothe their souls with irresistible offers and captivating content. In the evenings, your audience is winding down and ready to engage with you and your business.

Weekday Wonder: Tuesday and Thursday Take the Lead!

During the week, Tuesday and Thursday emerge as the champions when it comes to email engagement. Avoid the Monday blues and the Friday distractions, and aim for the mid-week magic that boosts open rates and clicks.

Steer Clear of the Weekend: Saturday Is a No-Go Zone!

Weekends are made for rest, relaxation, and emails taking a backseat. Steer clear of Saturday, as it tends to have the lowest email engagement. Sundays can be hit or miss, so it’s best to reserve them for critical announcements or special promotions.

Data Rules the Roost: Leverage Analytics for Precision!

While general timing guidelines are valuable, your best bet is to let your own business data guide your email timing. Dig into your business’s email analytics to uncover patterns and trends you see within your consumers. Identify when your audience is most active and engaged, and tailor your email schedule accordingly.


We’ve helped you crack the code to perfect email timing, now its your turn to take some action! Whether you’re seizing the morning magic, captivating with afternoon delights, or soothing souls with evening emails, getting your email timing game on point is a very easy feat. Remember to leverage the power of weekdays and let data drive your email decisions for maximum impact.

So go forth, schedule those emails like a boss, and watch your engagement soar to new heights. If you need a little more hep upping your timing game, Procept is always excited to help! Together, we can ensure your emails hit at the exact time you need them!

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