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Introducing the Dynamic Duo: Procept Marketing’s Little Sister Company, Muse Media!

Hey there, fellow marketing enthusiasts! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce to you the remarkable addition to the marketing universe – Muse Media, the little sister company of Procept Marketing. Learn all there is to know about this dynamic duo and discover how they’re rocking the marketing scene like never before!

Meet the Cool Siblings: Procept Marketing and Muse Media

Procept Marketing, the seasoned veteran with years of experience, has been wowing clients with their stellar marketing strategies. But hey, every hero needs a sidekick, right? Enter Muse Media, the fresh-faced little sister, armed with creativity and innovation to complement Procept Marketing’s expertise.


The Power of Two: Unstoppable Creativity and Expertise

Behind every successful marketing campaign, there’s a dynamic blend of creativity and expertise, and that’s where Procept Marketing and Muse Media shine together. With Procept’s strategic prowess and Muse Media’s innovative flair, they form an unstoppable force that turns ideas into reality.

Muse Media: The Creative Maven

Ah, Muse Media – the true maven of creativity! From eye-catching visuals to captivating content, this little sister knows how to leave an impression. They’re the masters of brand storytelling, crafting narratives that make hearts skip a beat and fingers click that “like” button.

Procept Marketing: The Strategy Guru

Now, let’s turn the spotlight on Procept Marketing, the strategy guru! With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of market trends, they know exactly how to position brands for success. Their strategic approach ensures that every marketing move is well-calculated, like a game of chess.

A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Imagine New Orleans without Mardis Gras or Acadiana without Cajuns – that’s how Procept Marketing and Muse Media complete each other! As a united front, they offer clients a full spectrum of marketing brilliance, covering everything from strategic planning to creative execution.

Taking Businesses to New Heights

With Procept Marketing and Muse Media on the case, businesses are soaring to new heights like superheroes taking flight. They craft tailored marketing solutions that resonate with audiences, leading to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and, of course, sweet, sweet success.


There you have it, ladies and gents – the dynamic duo of Procept Marketing and Muse Media! With Procept’s strategic brilliance and Muse Media’s creative prowess, they’re a match made in marketing heaven. Together, they’re taking businesses to new heights, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and successful campaigns in their wake.


So whether you’re seeking innovative brand storytelling or strategic marketing that hits the bullseye, look no further than this power-packed duo. Procept Marketing and Muse Media – they’re your ultimate marketing dream team!


Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Increase Your Subscriber Engagement On Social Media and Keep Them Coming Back for More!

Hey there, content creator! Got a bunch of subscribers eagerly waiting for your next masterpiece on social media? Now’s the time to sprinkle some magic into your content, keeping them coming for more! Get ready to rock and roll with these killer strategies that will hook your subscribers from the get-go!

Unleash the Power of Captivating Headlines!

A snazzy, attention-grabbing headline is your secret weapon to pique their interest and make them click faster. Go bold, go catchy, and leave them wanting!

Know Your Audience!

You need to know how your audience speaks to truly engage your subscribers. Dive into your audience’s preferences, pain points, and aspirations. Craft content that resonates with their hearts, and they’ll be hanging on to your every word.

Content Variety!

Variety is the spice of content life. Keep your subscribers on their toes by offering a diverse range of content. Mix it up with informative blog posts, entertaining videos, engaging infographics, and maybe even a pinch of humor here and there!

Emotions Seal the Deal!

People love a good story! Weave compelling narratives that tug at their heartstrings, make them laugh, or leave them in awe. Emotions are the glue that keeps people wanting to return.

Be Interactive!

Make your content interactive! From polls and quizzes to surveys and live Q&A sessions, involve your audience in the content creation process. They’ll feel like VIPs, who receive the VIP treatment.


In the content world, consistency is king! Stick to a regular schedule so your subscribers know when to expect your next content masterpiece. Be reliable like clockwork, and they’ll eagerly anticipate your content like kids waiting for presents on Christmas morning.

Encourage Feedback!

Feedback leads you to content gold! Encourage your subscribers to share their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Listen attentively and use their feedback to improve your content.


Congratulations, content wizards! You’re now armed with the most potent strategies to engage your subscribers and keep them coming back for more. With captivating headlines, personalized content, storytelling magic, and interactive fun, you’ll create an audience that’s loyal to the core. Watch your subscriber list grow like wildfire. Your content brilliance will be the hottest ticket in town, and your subscribers will be cheering for encore after encore!


Nail the Perfect Timing: When to Send Email Campaigns for Maximum Impact!

Hey there, email marketing maestros! It’s easy to unlock the secret to timing your email campaigns like a pro. You’re in luck because we’re here to spill the beans on the best times to hit that “send” button and make your emails shine. 

The Early Bird Catches the Clicks: Morning Magic!

Mornings are the perfect time to capture a customers attention with your email magic! They are prime time for engagement because people tend to check their phones the moment the get out of bed. They’ll check their inboxes before breakfast, heading out to work, or dropping the kids off at school. If you want to catch your audience at a time they are on their phones, mornings are the first place you should try.

Lunch Break Delight: Afternoons for the Win!

When that lunchtime hunger strikes afternoons are a sweet spot for email campaigns. Folks have some breathing room from their busy mornings and are looking for a delightful distraction. Simply eating food isn’t enough, and they need something a little more stimulating to keep themselves interested while they take a snack break. Your emails could be just the kind of thing they are looking for!

The Evening Chill: A Time to Unwind

As the day winds down, people seek relaxation and a bit of online browsing. Enter your email campaign, ready to soothe their souls with irresistible offers and captivating content. In the evenings, your audience is winding down and ready to engage with you and your business.

Weekday Wonder: Tuesday and Thursday Take the Lead!

During the week, Tuesday and Thursday emerge as the champions when it comes to email engagement. Avoid the Monday blues and the Friday distractions, and aim for the mid-week magic that boosts open rates and clicks.

Steer Clear of the Weekend: Saturday Is a No-Go Zone!

Weekends are made for rest, relaxation, and emails taking a backseat. Steer clear of Saturday, as it tends to have the lowest email engagement. Sundays can be hit or miss, so it’s best to reserve them for critical announcements or special promotions.

Data Rules the Roost: Leverage Analytics for Precision!

While general timing guidelines are valuable, your best bet is to let your own business data guide your email timing. Dig into your business’s email analytics to uncover patterns and trends you see within your consumers. Identify when your audience is most active and engaged, and tailor your email schedule accordingly.


We’ve helped you crack the code to perfect email timing, now its your turn to take some action! Whether you’re seizing the morning magic, captivating with afternoon delights, or soothing souls with evening emails, getting your email timing game on point is a very easy feat. Remember to leverage the power of weekdays and let data drive your email decisions for maximum impact.

So go forth, schedule those emails like a boss, and watch your engagement soar to new heights. If you need a little more hep upping your timing game, Procept is always excited to help! Together, we can ensure your emails hit at the exact time you need them!

The Digital Media Arsenal: Must-Have Types for Your Business!

Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! In today’s fast-paced digital age, having a kick-ass online presence is as essential as a rocket booster for your business. Let’s dive headfirst into the fantastic world of digital media and explore the types you need in your arsenal. Let’s get started!

Stunning Website:

A well-designed, user-friendly website is your golden ticket to attract, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Craft a visually appealing website that reflects your brand’s personality and values. Ensure it’s mobile-responsive because most people use their smartphones to look up information.  For example, if you run an eco-friendly fashion brand, your website should showcase your trendy, sustainable clothing line, along with an easy-to-navigate interface. This makes it a breeze for eco-conscious shoppers to explore your collections and make eco-friendly purchases.

Compelling Social Media:

In a world where hashtags and viral trends reign supreme, social media is your megaphone to amplify your brand’s voice and reach a massive audience. Identify the social media platforms where your target audience hangs out the most. Create engaging content – snazzy graphics, captivating videos, and witty captions – to spark conversations and foster a strong community. 

Intriguing Blog:

Blogs transport your customers into the heart of your brand. They showcase your expertise, provide value, and keep your audience coming back for more. Write informative, SEO-optimized blog posts that answer your audience’s burning questions. Share insights, industry trends, and practical tips that demonstrate your authority in your niche. 

Eye-Catching Visual Content:

Visual content reigns supreme in the digital world. From stunning images to attention-grabbing videos, this type of digital media can leave a lasting impact on your audience. Invest in high-quality visuals that resonate with your brand and target audience. Use visual content to tell stories, showcase your products/services, and evoke emotions. 

Engaging Email Marketing:

Ah, good ol’ email marketing! It’s the secret weapon that allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your customers, right in their inboxes. Build a segmented email list to deliver personalized content and offers. Craft attention-grabbing subject lines and create value-packed newsletters, promotions, and customers. Suppose you own a health and wellness subscription box. Send out a monthly newsletter with tips on healthy living, exclusive discounts on wellness products, and inspiring success stories from satisfied subscribers, so customers feel engaged.


Congratulations, digital media expert! You now possess the ultimate arsenal to conquer the digital landscape for your business. With a stunning website, compelling social media presence, intriguing blog, eye-catching visual content, and engaging email marketing, you’re armed and ready to make your mark in the digital world. Embrace the power of each type and let your brand’s personality shine through!


Our team at Procept Marketing is always available if you need a little schooling on the ins and outs of digital media marketing. Hit us up with any questions you might have, or check out the rest of our website to see just what we can do for you and your business.


Unleashing the Magic of Branded Emails: Why They’re Your Business’s Secret Sauce!

Hey there, all you savvy business owners! Let’s talk about the unsung heroes of your marketing game – branded emails! You might think they’re just boring pieces of digital paper, but trust me, they’re the secret to spicing up any business. Buckle up, and get ready to discover the magic of branded emails!

First Impressions Matter!

Picture this: you walk into a party wearing a snazzy outfit that screams “I’m awesome!” Branded emails do the same thing for your business when someone new pops into their inbox. Bam! That first impression is like a firm handshake, leaving a mark that your customers will always remember.

They’re Your Brand’s Cheerleaders!

Branded emails are your cheerleaders that shout from the rooftops. With your logo, colors, and snazzy design, these emails make sure your brand stays front and center in your customers’ minds.

Instant Credibility Boosters!

Branded emails sprinkle a dash of credibility on every email you send, making your customers believe they are dealing with a legit business.

Branded Emails = Crazy Engagement Levels!

If you want your customers to do a happy dance every time they see your emails, go branded! When your emails look slick and on point, your audience will be clicking and reading like there’s no tomorrow. 

They Spread the Word – Viral Style!

When your customers get an email that looks like a million bucks, they’ll be hitting that forward button faster than a lightning bolt. Branded emails make it impossible for your customers to resist the share.

Branded Emails = Money, Money, Money!

Branded emails don’t just look good; they do good for your business’s bottom line. When your emails scream “professional” and “trustworthy,” customers will be reaching for their wallets faster than you can say, “cha-ching!”

They’re The Customer Connection Masters!

In the game of business, customer connections are like gold nuggets. Branded emails let you forge strong connections with your audience, creating a bond that lasts longer than a friendship bracelet from summer camp.


So there you have it, my business-savvy amigo! Branded emails are the ultimate secret sauce to spice up your marketing game. They create killer first impressions, boost your brand’s credibility, engage your audience like nobody’s business, and even get your customers doing the viral dance. And let’s not forget the sweet sound of ka-ching, ka-ching!

So get those branded emails rocking and rolling, and watch your business sizzle with success. 

The world is your oyster, and your emails are the pearls that’ll make you shine brighter than a supernova!

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing: Explore the 6 Types and When to Use Each!

 Email marketing is a timeless method that still packs a powerful punch in the digital world of marketing. In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the realm of email marketing, exploring its various forms and when to use each type for maximum impact. So buckle up, and get ready to take your email game to the next level!


 Newsletters work perfectly for keeping your audience informed and engaged regularly, showcasing company updates, sharing valuable content, and providing special offers. It’s like a little friendly reminder that a business still exists, and eagerly waits for your return. Say you run a trendy fashion blog. A weekly newsletter can highlight the latest fashion trends, exclusive discount codes, and expert styling tips, encouraging readers to come back for more fabulous fashion advice!

Promotional Emails

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Promotional emails work to lure in customers with juicy offers impossible to resist. The best time to use promotional emails is when you’re running a limited-time sale, launching a new product, or offering special discounts. 

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails may not be as flashy as promotional emails, but they are a reliable way to build your customer’s trust in your business. Whenever your customers take action on your website, such as making a purchase, signing up for a webinar, or resetting their password, transactional emails come into play. Welcome emails, invitations, and order confirmations are also types of transactional emails you can use. Here is an example of how transactional emails work to build stronger relationships with customers.  

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent to new subscribers, expressing gratitude for joining your community and providing a warm introduction to your brand. They tell the customer a little bit more about the business and give a glimpse into the message you want your brand to portray. It makes them feel special and like a member of the community. 

Re-engagement Emails

Re-engagement emails work to revive a customer’s brand and business support, enticing them to once again interact with your business. When you notice inactive subscribers or customers who haven’t engaged with your emails in a while, it’s time to rekindle the spark and bring them back to the fold by sending out a re-engagement email offering an exclusive deal to win back their loyalty. 

Personalized Emails

Personalization helps to acknowledge your customers’ unique preferences, helping to build a closer relationship. Whenever you have the data to tailor emails based on a subscriber’s behavior, purchase history, or demographics, seize the opportunity to make them feel special. 


Remember, the key to success is understanding when and how to use each form of email marketing. So whether you’re delivering the latest updates through newsletters, tempting your audience with irresistible offers, or sending personalized messages, use your creativity to craft emails that stand out in an overcrowded inbox. 

Join forces with Procept Marketing and experience the transformative power of email marketing! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage, convert, and stand out in your customers’ inboxes. Take action now and unlock your brand’s true potential. Happy email marketing!

Unraveling the Magic of Marketing Consulting: Elevate Your Business to New Heights!


In the fiercely competitive world of business, standing out from the crowd can often feel like navigating a maze of uncertainties. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might find yourself asking questions like: “How can I reach my target audience effectively?” or “How do I maximize my marketing budget for optimal results?” Fear not, marketing consulting is the magic that can help you face these challenges and unlock the true potential of your business. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the wonders of marketing consulting, uncovering its secrets while exploring how it can revolutionize your brand’s success.

What is Marketing Consulting?

Marketing consultants are seasoned marketing gurus, equipped with the wisdom of marketing trends, industry insights, and a crystal-clear vision of your business’s future. They act as your co-pilot, steering your marketing efforts in the right direction of the goals you want to achieve. Using data-driven strategies and creative expertise, they work with you to develop the right marketing strategies, so your business will succeed in getting where you want it to be.

Unlocking the Magic of Market Research:

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign is solid market research. A marketing consultant will delve into your industry, analyze competitors, and study your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. With this data, they’ll help you identify opportunities and create tailored marketing strategies to captivate your target audience or reach the kinds of customers you would like to attract.

SEO Sorcery for Online Dominance:

In the digital realm, search engines are key. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to ensure your business gets discovered by potential customers. A marketing consultant will conduct keyword research, optimize website content, and build authoritative backlinks to boost your online visibility. For example, if you run a boutique hotel in New York, SEO-rich keywords like “luxury hotels in NYC,” “boutique accommodations,” and “best hotels for tourists” could lead more travelers to your doorstep.

Enchanting Content Creation:

Content creation is crucial in marketing. Engaging blog posts, captivating social media updates and informative videos can draw in audiences and make them want to stay to see more of what you have to offer. A marketing consultant can help you develop a content strategy that aligns with your brand’s identity and resonates with your target audience. By sprinkling in relevant keywords naturally throughout your content, you increase the chances of appearing in search results and captivating potential customers.

Social Media Magic:

Social media allows brands to easily connect with their audience on a personal level. A marketing consultant will guide you through the ever-changing social media landscape, helping you choose which platforms work best to meet your marketing objectives and goals. Helping you devise strategies for your chosen platforms, they will offer suggestions on what they think you should do to build a stronger brand following and audience. For example, they might suggest collaborating with influencers, using Instagram Reels, and running targeted ad campaigns to charm your way into your audience’s hearts.

Conquering Email Sorcery:

Email marketing may seem old-fashioned, but it remains a potent tool to draw in both old and new customers. A marketing consultant can craft persuasive email campaigns that entice readers, drive conversions, and keep your brand fresh in their minds. 


In the magical realm of marketing, a marketing consultant acts as your trustworthy guide in an area out of your expertise. From crafting data-backed strategies to enhancing online visibility with SEO-rich keywords, a marketing consultant can conjure up the success your business deserves. 

If you’re looking for a marketing consultant to guide you on your marketing journey, Procept Marketing’s team of experts is ready to face the challenge head-on. It is our mission to lead you and your business in the right direction, helping map out the path you should take to bring your business to new heights. Call or email us today for a free consultation. Let your journey begin!

How to Optimize Your Website’s Performance

Having a website that delivers a smooth user experience is crucial to seeing conversions happen. However, it’s easy for your site to get bogged down by clutter and unnecessary content. Here’s how to optimize your website’s performance. Specifically, how you can effectively manage how much disk space your website is using. 

Disk space is the amount of physical storage space available on a server to store all of the files and content that make up a website. When disk space usage is excessive, it can cause a website to run much slower, resulting in a poor user experience, or in some cases, the website may not even be accessible. When hosting multiple websites on the same server, it is important to ensure that disk space is properly allocated and used efficiently to prevent any website from using too much disk space, as all of the websites hosted on the server share the same disk space. It is also important to regularly monitor disk space usage to ensure that a website does not start using too much disk space and affect the performance of the other websites hosted on the server.

You can address this issue by ensuring that only the essential files are present on the website. Carefully review the files that have been created and delete any that are not necessary for the website to be hosted and function properly. This helps you to conserve disk space, as well as make the website more efficient and streamlined. Additionally, you should make sure to regularly check for and delete any files that are no longer being used on the website.

How to Optimize Disk Space

As stated above, you should review the files of a website and ensure they are not being used by a website before deleting them. These files can be on a website for a number of reasons whether it’s old content that has been phased out over time or if a page was made from a template and still has the files from the template accessible. You can view how much disk space your website is using by looking at it. 

It is important to regularly check the files on your website and delete anything that is not being utilized. This will free up the disk space that the unused files are taking up. Just because a file is not being used does not mean it is not there, as there could be content taking up space that is not necessary.

Graphics Recap-December 2022

Here are a few of our favorite graphic design projects from local Acadiana businesses & organizations from this past Fall!

Krewe of Rio is a staple of Lafayette Mardi Gras. They organize events year-round in preparation for the Mardi Gras season, and Procept Marketing is proud to play a part in their festivities. Through social media marketing, Procept has created engaging content to increase engagement, while also having a little fun as well. Which float rider are you? 

Pour Decisions is a local event organizer and promotion company, with a focus on the bar and alcohol industry. Procept Marketing was given the opportunity to design a T-shirt for them. The design was so popular, that it was picked up by Legends and has been sold at a number of events throughout Lafayette! 

Acadiana Dream Home is a custom home-building company that specializes in creating luxury homes from scratch. They approached Procept Marketing looking for a logo and a website. After they sat down with our graphic designer and web designer, we got to work to produce content they would be proud to show potential customers. 

Black Child Thrive

Black Child Thrive is an apparel brand with a focus on catering to black children in pursuit of proper representation in an industry where there is little in the way of black models or clothes designed with black children in mind. Procept Marketing is proud to have been able to create a stunning logo for Black Child Thrive. 

Acadiana Haul Away & Junk Removal contacted Procept Marketing looking for a logo design that would represent the company in a professional way. After sitting down with our graphic designer, we were able to design a professional logo based on their wants and needs for their business!

Want vibrant graphics made by cool people who get you? Let’s talk!

What is Color Theory?

What is Color Theory? It’s a collection of rules and guidelines which designers use to communicate with users by creating appealing color schemes in visual interfaces. To make sure they are choosing the best colors possible, designers will use a color wheel and other collected knowledge we know about human optical ability, psychology, and culture. The color wheel was invented in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton. He defined color into three groups, Primary (red, blue, yellow), Secondary (mixes of primary colors), and Tertiary (Mixes of primary and secondary colors). Objects reflect light in different combinations of wavelengths and our brains pick up on those combinations and translate them into what we call color.

 However, colors can look different to our eyes if they’re on a screen or printed out on paper. Screens use red, green, and blue as their primary colors and mix them to create other colors. Let’s say you have a distinct brand with a bright yellow logo. When you go to post that logo on a social media platform or maybe a website but you don’t use the correct color process, your logo will look muddy and dull compared to that bright yellow. Whenever you’re working with files that are meant to be displayed on screens, you always use RBG and not CMYK. 

What about Color Schemes?

Using the color wheel, a designer can develop a color scheme for marketing materials. We break these down into complementary, analogous, and triadic. 

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are two colors that are on opposite ends of a color wheel. Using Complementary colors is an excellent way to make certain images very vibrant and visible. You need to be careful not to overuse them, however. Think red and green, they offset each other well, but overusing them could cause people to think of Christmas. 

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. For example, red, orange, and yellow. In this scheme, one color will dominate, one will support, and the other will accent. In business, analogous colors are not only pleasing to the eye but can effectively instruct the consumer where and how to take action.

Triadic Colors

Triadic colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel and tend to be bright and dynamic. This scheme also creates visual contrast while at the same time harmony.

You can dive deeper into color theory with UX design (the process of defining the experience a user would go through when interacting with a digital product or website) as well. The right contrast is vital to catching users’ attention in the first place. The vibrancy you choose is very important in provoking the desired emotional responses.

For example, Blue- an industry standard for banking in the West- also has positive associations with other cultures. However, some colors can evoke contradictory feelings. Red is seen as good fortune in China, mourning in South Africa, and danger or attention in the US.

Just like fashion, color schemes can be trendy, with new schemes popping up every season. Designers should consider this by thinking: will it date the brand in a year? Meaning, will this color scheme make the brand seem out of touch and not with the times. Understanding the theory behind the color can do wonders for how you actually use them.