So What Is An OTT Ad

So what is an OTT ad? 

In short, it’s the ads you see pop up when you’re watching Hulu and a character is in the middle of a dramatic speech. It’s the replacement for commercials on something like Netflix, Vudu, Roku, etc.

The acronym stands for “Over The Top” ad. This is because by using these ads, you’re “going over” the traditional networks that control ad space on television. OTT ads are a good thing (aside from interrupting your favorite show, I need to know what happens to Jax and Tara get outta here!), as it allows for smaller advertisers to reach their audience without paying large amounts to get on TV. 

Now the actual process of putting up OTT ads is fairly complicated. While it seems simple on the surface, there’s a variety of different platforms the involve online streaming and as such, each has its way of doing ads. However, there has been a push from both major and minor advertisers to the medium. Additionally, TV networks are releasing new streaming platforms every other day, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see OTT become the next big thing when it comes to digital advertising.