Why You Should Have an Email Campaign

Email campaigns are a valuable marketing tool that many businesses are not taking advantage of. We\’re going to lay out some of the benefits that come with email marketing. 

Build a Relationship

When you send emails to your customers or potential customers, you can create more personalized content! When using a CRM like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, you can tailor the kind of marketing you send to specific customers. By sending out personalized emails, you can begin to develop a relationship between you and your customers, more so than if they saw a Facebook ad that was tailored to everyone. That relationship building will turn into brand loyalty, earning you a returning customer.

It\’s easier than other marketing.

Netting new customers is the goal of any business, but that can be a difficult process. Going through all the hassle of working with ads and traditional marketing can be an exhausting process. So why not market to your existing customers instead? After all, you know these people already like your business. So instead of chasing down new customers left and right, why not put some focus on making your current customers into returning and frequent customers. 

You may already have what you need.

Do you have an existing email list? Perfect! Plug that in into a CRM and watch your campaigns work! An up-to-date customer email list is a gold mine waiting to be used! 

If you don\’t already have an email list, then you need to work towards getting one. Start collecting emails at the register, or make posts on social media asking people to sign up for your newsletter.

Email is a direct line from your business to your customers. It\’s an avenue where you can communicate straight to your audience to show them the products that they would be interested in, so why not take advantage of that?