Why is Mobile Website Optimization Important?

Why is mobile site optimization important? I mean, the real magic happens on the desktop site, right? While the same spark of a website is more difficult to get on a small mobile screen, mobile optimization is very vital to SEO.

Why Should You Care If Your Website Is Mobile-Optimized?

Well, about 60% of website visits come from mobile users. So by not having a mobile version of your site, you’re giving over half of your traffic an inferior version of your business presentation. I say “inferior version” because your website may be mobile-friendly, but not mobile-optimized. Let me break it down, if your site appears on mobile as a shrunk version of your desktop website then that’s classified as mobile-friendly. It may look okay, and people can still navigate your website, but it doesn’t have any pazazz that the desktop version has. A mobile-optimized website will have a version of the site specifically designed for phones, complete with resized buttons, photos, videos, etc. 

So How Does All of That Affect SEO?

Well back in June of 2021, Google picked up on the fact that the majority of users surf the web on their phones rather than a desktop. Because of this, if you’re website is not mobile-optimized, you will come up lower in the search rankings, regardless of whether or not the search is happening on a phone or a computer. So while it may be a pain to go through the process of optimizing your website for mobile, if you want to see results come in from your SEO bucks, it’s an important thing to get right. So why is mobile website optimization important? It not only affects your SEO rankings, but on average, the majority of your traffic will be from mobile users.