Why Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels are Important

Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel can give you valuable insights into your target audience.

Both of these tools provide businesses with the ability to track who visits their website, where they come from and how they interact on your site. This data can then be used to inform decisions about future marketing campaigns and product development.

What does Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics will inform you where visitors came from, their age range, their gender, and many more insights into who is viewing your site. This enables you to see if your business is attracting the audience you were looking for.

What about the Facebook Pixel?

As for Facebook Pixel, this does something similar, but it works more closely with Facebook. The Facebook Pixel is a small bit of code that you install onto your website that allows you to track events that happen on your website. The process of installation is a simple one, as Facebook will walk you through the process with easy to understand steps. Once the Pixel is in place, anytime someone interacts with the events you’ve established it will log the action and gather demographic information on who interacted with what. You can then use that info whenever you run Facebook ads to target those who are similar to the people who use your site, ensuring more qualified leads.

Both of these tools are valuable when it comes to targeting the potential customers that are the most likely to actually become lasting customers.