The Downfall of Google Ad Words

At one point in time, Google Ad Words was the method to use to generate traffic to your website. Nowadays though, this is no longer the case? Why is that and what is the replacement?

What happened?

Google Ad Words was the big kid on the block for businesses looking to get more traffic online. Everybody and their mom were paying for Google Ads, and it was working! However, with everybody using it, the market became saturated like crazy. Then, like a bubble, it burst. Google Ads stopped bringing in as many results. Why is that? Well, consumers started to notice that the first couple of results of their search were all ads. More often than not, these ads would try to sell them something, and consumers don’t like being sold to, generally. As a result, potential customers would just scroll past the ads, and go to the top of the non-ad search results. This brings us to the current way to guarantee traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization Baby!

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site will ensure that you get traffic. By appearing at the top of the organic search results, you’ll be getting all of the consumers who scrolled right past the Google Ads. Sure, Google Ad Words will still bring in some traffic, but it’s not a consistent thing. You may see an increase initially, but as time goes on your returns will diminish. On top of that, once you stop paying for ads, all that traffic stops entirely. With SEO, you don’t have to pay for ads every month to ensure that you get traffic. Once your site is optimized, you’re guaranteed a consistent stream of viewers to your page.

Interested in having SEO work done, Procept Marketing will work hard to ensure that you are appearing towards the top of the search results. No matter what, we’ll make sure people can find you.