Sibley Construction Showcase

Sibley Construction is a construction company that specializes in roofing and insurance claims and they came to Procept Marketing seeking to take advantage of digital advertising and SEO benefits to increase their business. Let’s start with what we did for their social media.

Before we began working with Sibley Construction, they had posts going out, but they lacked any sense of brand recognition. We worked to remedy this by creating graphics that incorporated Sibley’s colors and logo to establish a solid brand identity. Here are some examples of what that looked like.

Once their page had a consistent and professional look, that’s when we began making moves elsewhere.

Utilizing a combination of Google Ad Words, OTT (Over The Top) ads, Social Media ads, and SEO, we started sending more traffic to Sibley’s site, and where there’s traffic, there’s business. Here are some screenshots of the analytics once we started pushing traffic. 

In addition to an increase in website traffic, we also began seeing an increase in Facebook traffic as well. 

Using the user data that we gathered from these pushes to Sibley’s website, we began running retargeting campaigns to put our ads in front of people who had visited the site but didn’t take any action. 

Today, we run multiple ad campaigns across social media and SEO platforms to continue getting Sibley in front of their ideal customer. Additionally, we have also created and currently manage the social media accounts for Sibley Construction in Lake Charles and Sibley Construction in Houma, all while maintaining brand cohesion across all channels.

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