Olde Wood Accents Showcase

Olde Wood Accents is a company centered around the creation of beautiful woodwork using wood that’s been reclaimed from abandoned structures from all over the U.S. 

When they approached Procept about working with us, they were looking to generate more business through social media marketing. Here’s what we did. 

We set out to build Facebook ad campaigns that promoted Olde Wood’s services, namely their flooring and hollow beams. Once the campaigns were created, we began building a sales funnel.

Using the gorgeous website that we built to replace their old site, we created “hidden” pages to act as landing pages for traffic from the ads. These pages were hidden for two reasons:

  1. To accurate measure where the traffic to these pages were coming from in order to optimize our ads
  2. To prevent cluttering up the website with too much content

Each landing page included details regarding the service in question, information about Olde Wood as a company, and finally, several sections for visitors to input their contact info. 

Additionally, using the website’s Facebook Pixel, we gathered retargeting data that we were able to use in subsequent campaigns.

How did these ads do? We think this text speaks for itself:

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