How to Claim Google My Business

To begin, what does Google My Business do for you and why should you claim it? Well, Google My Business is what you need to be able to show up on Google Maps. It’s also what you use to list your business on Google so people can see your contact information and hours of operation.

First step: navigate to https://www.google.com/business/ to create (or find) a listing for your business.

Now you need to find (or make) your listing

Search for your business name to see if it’s already listed on Google. If it shows up, you can click Manage and skip to the verification section of this email. If it’s not, click “add your business to Google.”

The next screen will ask for the name of your business. Pick something that you customers with recognize, this way when they search for your business, they’ll find it.
You’ll then need to choose the category that your business fits into e.g. retail, consulting, or restaurant. From the dropdown, choose the category that you typically use to describe your business.

The next step prompts you to add a physical location. Even if you do not have a storefront, you should add an address, because this will have an impact on local SEO.

If you choose not to include a physical address, Google will ask you to provide your service areas, e.g. Mobile, AL or Miami, FL.

You will want to add a way for customers to get in touch with you, so be sure to add your business phone number and website. If you don’t have a business phone number, you can use Google Voice instead.

Now You Need to Verify

There are a few different ways to verify your business; postcard, phone, email, bulk, and instant verification.

Instant Verification

If your business uses Google Search Console, it’s likely that you’ll be able to instantly verify by logging into Google using your work email. Keep in mind, you or your web team needs to verify your business via Search Console.

Postcard Verification

To verify by postcard, Google will send a physical postcard to the address you’ve listed in your business profile. The postcard has a code on it, you simply need to input this code into the Google Business Manager

This can be a difficult way to verify, as you have to rely upon the post service to reach you in a reasonable amount of time.

Phone Verification

Similar to verifying by mail, using the phone number you listed for your business, you can receive a text message to that number. The text will contain a code to enter into My Business manager.

Email Verification

Finally, email verification. If you choose this option, Google will send an email to your work email with a code. All you have to do is enter that code into My Business Manager.

With all of that, your business has been created and verified. Now your business will appear in google search results, as well as on maps for people to find you!