How OTT Ads Are So Effective

Streaming video ads (or OTT Ads) have become the most popular form of digital marketing. You can usually find streaming video ads on sites like Youtube, Hulu, ESPN, and more. Video streaming ads use modern machine learning (AI) to target consumers. The data used for targeting comes from whatever streaming platform you use.

This is also possible by using third-party services such as a Smart Ads platform! Modern AI will be able to find the ideal consumers for your ads through machine learning. Neat, huh?

The new nontraditional market of streamers are cord-cutters. Cord cutters are a valued audience. Improved targeting filters will help reach them with ads. The cool thing is that the AI will send them the ads that are most likely to appeal to them.

The cord cutter’s ad inventory is a gold mine for advertisers. Not only do they have increased access to media campaigns, but you can also target them by their user behavior and geographic location. This is all with improved filters that ensure your ads show up only when it matters most!