Google Has Rolled Out New Updates

Google has new updates that it rolled out on the low. An update was released on October 2nd & 3rd and another on October 6th and 7th and again on October 11th, 2021.  

Google has not confirmed any update publicly, but we have noticed a significant change in PPC and keyword results which tells us that some kind of update has happened. 

The updates seem to be focusing on search engine results and how the search engine interacts with converting keywords. Google also has released a fair amount of different tools recently, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Google is trying to pivot its platform in ways so that these tools can be used more effectively.

It’s no secret that Google has been losing money since the change to Ad words some years ago, so this may be the shift they are making.

What Can You Do?

With this being the case, ensuring that your website is properly optimized in every way is vital to keeping ahead with the new changes Google may be rolling out soon. Paid-Per-Click is a quick fix that has no sustainability without SEO. It works extremely well at first, then plateaus with nothing to increase performance when funding stops. 

You want to combine PPC with SEO to sustain the momentum you build with PPC. There is a gap either at the beginning (waiting for SEO traction) or the end (losing PPC momentum because of its brief shelf life). Both SEO and PPC boost “findability” within search engines. Yet, these need different tactics to reach that lofty Page 1 on Google search. 

SEO is all about the application of searched-for keywords in online copy that will come up in a Google query. Google continues to test online content, serving up what it deems most relevant in an online search. Because of this, the right application of keywords is an important part of successful SEO. SEO builds topic authority through search engines. It takes time and a lot of online activity to build authority. Whereas SEM drives results quickly but doesn’t always establish search credibility. It\’s also worth bearing in mind how costly SEM is.