Exclusive Experience Showcase

Exclusive Experience is a barbershop specializing in non-surgical hair replacement solutions. They came to Procept Marketing looking to generate more business through digital marketing. After analyzing their website and goals, we determined that SEO and ad marketing would be the best fit. 

Through the use of Google Ad Words and SEO, we began to see both an increase in traffic and an increase in conversions on the client’s website. 

Here are the metrics for Impressions and Link Clicks for the EE website after we began their SEO

You can see below how each of our search terms are ranked in Google. We’ve blurred out the terms themselves, after all, we don’t want to give away our secrets on a client showcase. 

Today, Exclusive Experience continues to rank at the top of the Google rankings for its industry. We are very proud of the work that we were able to do for Exclusive Experience and look to them as an example of the kind of SEO work that we can provide for new and existing clients. 

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