My First 30 Days at Procept Marketing

I have now been at Procept Marketing for about 30 days or so. In that time, some things have changed, and some things have stayed the same.

The first thing is that I previously referred to coming into work as going to summer camp. I would say that is no longer an accurate statement. Now it feels more like a job where there’s always something to be done. Rarely do I ever feel like I don’t want to come into work. Whenever I do feel that way, it’s usually because my personal life is stressful and not due to work itself.

At the time of my previous journaling, there were somewhat frequent what I call “company culture check-ins” where everyone would take a second from the work to talk with the office, get everyone on the same page and lighten the mood in general. Now, these don’t happen as much anymore. This is primarily due to work and how generally occupied everyone is with what we have to do. Work is definitely getting done, and conversation for the sake of conversation still happens, but full get-togethers are rarer.

There is always something new for me to learn whenever I come into work. Whether it be how to put together a social media post, a behind-the-scenes process for a website, or some new stock to invest in for guaranteed returns.

Investment and trading have, for lack of a better term, infected the office. Quite literally, not a single day goes by without someone mentioning a trading option.

Brad is still hard to read for the most part. Veronika has made a conscious effort to work on her “tone” when speaking on the phone and I’d say she’s improved. Overall, this is still the best place I’ve had the opportunity to work and it would take something drastic to change that opinion. 


Durin Planchard

Junior Account Developer, Content Writer

Durin is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When he isn\’t serving up flaming hot content, Durin enjoys Karaoke with his girlfriend, Lindsay, and being a big ole\’ nerd rolling dice and playing Dungeons & Dragons.