Creative Writing For Business

Business writing can be boring and formulaic, but it doesn’t need to feel that way. Here are some tips for creating engaging content with an eye on your business goals!

Figure Out Your Goal With Your Writing

What’s your goal when you write? You might be telling a story, asking an opinion or trying to change someone else’s mind. The first step is understanding what type of piece it is, and once you have that, the rest of the writing process becomes much easier.

Try a Little Bit of Theater

What we mean by this is tell a story rather than just spewing information at your reader. Want to highlight the benefits of a product or service? Don’t list the positives, instead tell a story about someone who used the product and how they benefited from all the features that your product has to offer. This approach is inherently more engaging to a reader when compared to a list of things your business does.

Finally, make sure that your writing is error free. Go through and see if you’re missing words, punctuation, or if you have grammar mistakes. Nothing is worse than having this meticulously crafted piece of writing only to release it and get ignored because the sentences don’t make sense because you forgot commas.