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Sibley Construction Showcase

Sibley Construction is a construction company that specializes in roofing and insurance claims and they came to Procept Marketing seeking to take advantage of digital advertising and SEO benefits to increase their business. Let’s start with what we did for their social media.

Before we began working with Sibley Construction, they had posts going out, but they lacked any sense of brand recognition. We worked to remedy this by creating graphics that incorporated Sibley’s colors and logo to establish a solid brand identity. Here are some examples of what that looked like.

Once their page had a consistent and professional look, that’s when we began making moves elsewhere.

Utilizing a combination of Google Ad Words, OTT (Over The Top) ads, Social Media ads, and SEO, we started sending more traffic to Sibley’s site, and where there’s traffic, there’s business. Here are some screenshots of the analytics once we started pushing traffic. 

In addition to an increase in website traffic, we also began seeing an increase in Facebook traffic as well. 

Using the user data that we gathered from these pushes to Sibley’s website, we began running retargeting campaigns to put our ads in front of people who had visited the site but didn’t take any action. 

Today, we run multiple ad campaigns across social media and SEO platforms to continue getting Sibley in front of their ideal customer. Additionally, we have also created and currently manage the social media accounts for Sibley Construction in Lake Charles and Sibley Construction in Houma, all while maintaining brand cohesion across all channels.

Olde Wood Accents Showcase

Olde Wood Accents is a company centered around the creation of beautiful woodwork using wood that’s been reclaimed from abandoned structures from all over the U.S. 

When they approached Procept about working with us, they were looking to generate more business through social media marketing. Here’s what we did. 

We set out to build Facebook ad campaigns that promoted Olde Wood’s services, namely their flooring and hollow beams. Once the campaigns were created, we began building a sales funnel.

Using the gorgeous website that we built to replace their old site, we created “hidden” pages to act as landing pages for traffic from the ads. These pages were hidden for two reasons:

  1. To accurate measure where the traffic to these pages were coming from in order to optimize our ads
  2. To prevent cluttering up the website with too much content

Each landing page included details regarding the service in question, information about Olde Wood as a company, and finally, several sections for visitors to input their contact info. 

Additionally, using the website’s Facebook Pixel, we gathered retargeting data that we were able to use in subsequent campaigns.

How did these ads do? We think this text speaks for itself:

How OTT Ads Are So Effective

Streaming video ads (or OTT Ads) have become the most popular form of digital marketing. You can usually find streaming video ads on sites like Youtube, Hulu, ESPN, and more. Video streaming ads use modern machine learning (AI) to target consumers. The data used for targeting comes from whatever streaming platform you use.

This is also possible by using third-party services such as a Smart Ads platform! Modern AI will be able to find the ideal consumers for your ads through machine learning. Neat, huh?

The new nontraditional market of streamers are cord-cutters. Cord cutters are a valued audience. Improved targeting filters will help reach them with ads. The cool thing is that the AI will send them the ads that are most likely to appeal to them.

The cord cutter’s ad inventory is a gold mine for advertisers. Not only do they have increased access to media campaigns, but you can also target them by their user behavior and geographic location. This is all with improved filters that ensure your ads show up only when it matters most!

Why Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels are Important

Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel can give you valuable insights into your target audience.

Both of these tools provide businesses with the ability to track who visits their website, where they come from and how they interact on your site. This data can then be used to inform decisions about future marketing campaigns and product development.

What does Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics will inform you where visitors came from, their age range, their gender, and many more insights into who is viewing your site. This enables you to see if your business is attracting the audience you were looking for.

What about the Facebook Pixel?

As for Facebook Pixel, this does something similar, but it works more closely with Facebook. The Facebook Pixel is a small bit of code that you install onto your website that allows you to track events that happen on your website. The process of installation is a simple one, as Facebook will walk you through the process with easy to understand steps. Once the Pixel is in place, anytime someone interacts with the events you’ve established it will log the action and gather demographic information on who interacted with what. You can then use that info whenever you run Facebook ads to target those who are similar to the people who use your site, ensuring more qualified leads.

Both of these tools are valuable when it comes to targeting the potential customers that are the most likely to actually become lasting customers.

How to Use Marketing Psychology

Marketing psychology is the study of how consumers think and make decisions. The goal for any business looking to land a lasting customer should be emotional appeal. This can help you take first place in your marketplace over other sellers who may offer similar products or services.

A lot goes into marketing campaigns- from logo design all way down to copywriting -but there’s always room left on top for some good old fashioned human emotion when crafting these messages.

People Are Impulsive

Impulse buys are more likely when the consumer is in a hurry and has few alternatives available for purchase; this psychology variable should not only play into your marketing strategy but also how you communicate with customers during their experience. An example of an impulse buy is grabbing a candy bar at check out in the grocery store, or getting a large fry instead of a medium. Usually these purchases happen when an item is cheap, but offers a fast reward. You don’t need that candy, but it doesn’t cost that much and it tastes good so why wouldn’t you get it?

Colors Are More Important Than You Think

If you want to get your point across, use colors that will make a strong first impression. For example if someone is selling something practical and sensible they might tone it down with soothing pastels while trying not to be too boring or serious looking, When appealing for trustworthiness in financial matters, choose bright primary hues like reds and greens which often suggest confidence instead of tranquility. These are things to keep in mind when deciding on your colors, as well as what you include in ads.

Once More, With Feeling

Humans are emotional creatures and decision-making is often based on what satisfies our needs or aligns with how we feel. Marketers should try to evoke an emotional response from potential customers. With that in mind, the rest will lead them in the right direction for successful campaigns.

It’s important to remember that you are marketing to people. Sounds simple, but it’s not uncommon to get lost in the weeds trying to market that you forget you’re selling to emotional creatures with wants and needs. Ultimately, it’s those wants and needs that you want to focus on when trying to advertise your business.

Why You Should Learn About Digital Marketing

Why should you learn about digital marketing? Okay, sure, you may have bigger things to worry about and you don\’t have time to learn about Facebook Ads. However, hear me out. I\’m going to list some reasons why you just might want to read a handful of articles online. 

You Should Know What You’re Paying For

You don’t want to do this with your marketing budget

It may be tempting to just grab any person off of Fiverr to do your digital marketing for you, but do you know what you\’re getting? They may say things like  “SEO Optimization, “Social Media Management,” and a variety of other buzzwords that sound good on paper. But without knowing what these things mean, or how this stuff works, there’s almost no way to see what benefits you’re actually getting. Of course, if you see a boost in sales that may be because of your marketing, or it may be because your buddy down the street told people to stop by. Now if you knew a little about how to market on social media, you’d be able to take out the guesswork of whether or not what’s being done is effective.

There Are Some Things That You Can Do On Your Own

I’m not going to tell you that digital marketing as a whole is something you can do overnight. There’s a lot that goes into it and it usually takes a while for everything to work the way that it should. With that being said, there are things that you can do here and there that will save you some money. Eventually, you will have to hire a marketer to work for you, that\’s just reality. But doing some things yourself will allow you to save some money on the services you hire someone else to do.

When You Do Hire, You’ll Be Able To Get Exactly What You Want

When you know the basics of digital marketing, you can have more certainty that you’re getting what you need for your business. It’s almost like when you go to get your oil changed, and the mechanic tells you that you need hundreds of dollars in repairs. Sure, you may actually need those repairs, but wouldn’t you like to know for sure that you do before you dig out the credit card?

This is all to say, hiring a professional to do your marketing for you is a matter of when, not if. In the meantime, before you reach that point in your business, having some knowledge in your back pocket certainly has it’s advantages. So why should you learn about digital marketing? So you can spend your money wisely!

What Is A Standard Marketing Budget?

Marketing is a vital part of any business. Most times, it\’s actually what determines if a business sinks or swims. But how much time and effort, or more importantly money, should you put into it? These are questions a lot of businesses struggle to answer, especially when a business is new, and these things are in short supply. So what is a standard marketing budget?

In regards to the money aspect of things, experts tend to recommend is that B2B companies should spend between 2 and 5% of their revenue on marketing. Whereas for B2C, the proportion is often higher—between 5 and 10%.  

With that being said, every business is different and every industry might call for more or less of a budget. Researching your competitors to figure out how much they spend on marketing will help you get a better idea of how much you should be spending. 

Google Has Rolled Out New Updates

Google has new updates that it rolled out on the low. An update was released on October 2nd & 3rd and another on October 6th and 7th and again on October 11th, 2021.  

Google has not confirmed any update publicly, but we have noticed a significant change in PPC and keyword results which tells us that some kind of update has happened. 

The updates seem to be focusing on search engine results and how the search engine interacts with converting keywords. Google also has released a fair amount of different tools recently, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Google is trying to pivot its platform in ways so that these tools can be used more effectively.

It’s no secret that Google has been losing money since the change to Ad words some years ago, so this may be the shift they are making.

What Can You Do?

With this being the case, ensuring that your website is properly optimized in every way is vital to keeping ahead with the new changes Google may be rolling out soon. Paid-Per-Click is a quick fix that has no sustainability without SEO. It works extremely well at first, then plateaus with nothing to increase performance when funding stops. 

You want to combine PPC with SEO to sustain the momentum you build with PPC. There is a gap either at the beginning (waiting for SEO traction) or the end (losing PPC momentum because of its brief shelf life). Both SEO and PPC boost “findability” within search engines. Yet, these need different tactics to reach that lofty Page 1 on Google search. 

SEO is all about the application of searched-for keywords in online copy that will come up in a Google query. Google continues to test online content, serving up what it deems most relevant in an online search. Because of this, the right application of keywords is an important part of successful SEO. SEO builds topic authority through search engines. It takes time and a lot of online activity to build authority. Whereas SEM drives results quickly but doesn’t always establish search credibility. It’s also worth bearing in mind how costly SEM is.

Why is a Marketing Strategy Essential to Success?

Why is a Marketing Strategy Essential to Success? 

What exactly goes into a marketing strategy, and why is it important?

Well, the first step is identifying what your strategy is meant to accomplish. Do you want more followers, more foot traffic through the door, and so on. With the goals defined, we can understand what qualifies as a successful strategy or an unsuccessful one.

Next, we have to identify what the target audience is. This involves taking a critical look at the demographics of your consumers. The demographics also give you an idea of who is not interested in your business. From here, you can decide to lean into your target audience, or you can try reaching elsewhere to expand your customer base.  With this information, next is the planning and content creation process. 

This step allows you to keep all your marketing consistent and constant, making your efforts precise when targeting your ideal audience. So with all this being said, while you could potentially  succeed without a marketing strategy, having one allows you to be concise and efficient with your digital marketing.