Not getting as many views as you would like on your videos? We might have the solution for you.

Wondering why you aren’t getting much engagement with your businesses’ videos? Lack of subtitles might just be the reason. Using subtitles in your videos is one of the best ways to get your views and engagement up. From Facebook reels to video ads, viewers are much more likely to stay engaged with closed captions. 

Viewers prefer to have the subtitles on for many different reasons. Not only are they used for those who are hard of hearing and deaf, but many people find that they better remember and comprehend the video or clip when they can read along with what they are watching. Language barriers are no longer an issue when subtitles are offered. Most platforms have many different subtitle languages to select from. That being said, they are very beneficial for those who speak a different language than the video is in. Also, if you are trying to learn a new language, using subtitles in that language is a good idea. You can listen to the audio in your own language, while having the new language to read along with and make those connections. 

Many people don’t even use sound when watching videos!

Most videos on Facebook are watched without sound, so adding subtitles would boost your views from those who can’t or don’t want to listen with sound. TikTok is also another very popular platform that consists of only videos. When I am watching TikTok in a quiet area, I always have to scroll past the videos without subtitles. I have missed quite a few interesting videos doing this. Simply adding these subtitles would be such an easy way to gain views.

Boots your downloads and shares!

Just think about how many more downloads and shares you would have if you did something so simple as create subtitles for your videos. Another reason why these are so beneficial is if a downloaded video with subtitles has no sound, or the sound isn’t working, you can still understand what is being said. I hope you have learned the importance of using closed captions with videos. Remember to always include subtitles to get those views up!!