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Why Is Having A Professional Website Important?

Having a professional website is a luxury, but is it one that you can afford to live without? Mayyyyyyybe, but it’s more than likely something that will help you out more than you realize.

It gives the impression that you know what you’re doing

This one is somewhat of a no-brainer. If someone were to visit your website to find a landing page with a phone number and a “Call Now” title in Arial font, they would probably assume you’re either very new or not a legitimate business. Having a professionally designed website tells everyone that you’re established enough to afford such an expense. 

Allows you to show off the unique style and vibe of your business

Do you want to communicate that your business is a fun and easy-going place? Or perhaps you would like to show how sophisticated and professional your operation is? Having a website done professionally opens the door for all kinds of creative ways to display your business how you would like. You’ll at least have more options than the templates Wix or WordPress gives you.

A whole load of features and additions are now available to you

It’s not just a matter of appearance or vibe, having it professionally done opens up avenues for different website functionality. Do you need employee training materials on your website to help with new hires? What about an online store to sell your products digitally? Or mayhaps a video library of testimonials from clients who love you? All of this can be done on a professionally made website, and add credibility as I mentioned earlier.

Now, of course, businesses have succeeded before without websites, professionally done or not. But in the age of digital storefronts and pandemics, having an online presence is more vital than ever to a business’s ability to thrive. Not to mention, your competition likely already has a professional site that’s doing wonders for them. So my true and honest recommendation? Save up some money to invest in a professional website, and with the right people creating it, I promise you won’t regret it.

So What Is An OTT Ad

So what is an OTT ad? 

In short, it’s the ads you see pop up when you’re watching Hulu and a character is in the middle of a dramatic speech. It’s the replacement for commercials on something like Netflix, Vudu, Roku, etc.

The acronym stands for “Over The Top” ad. This is because by using these ads, you’re “going over” the traditional networks that control ad space on television. OTT ads are a good thing (aside from interrupting your favorite show, I need to know what happens to Jax and Tara get outta here!), as it allows for smaller advertisers to reach their audience without paying large amounts to get on TV. 

Now the actual process of putting up OTT ads is fairly complicated. While it seems simple on the surface, there’s a variety of different platforms the involve online streaming and as such, each has its way of doing ads. However, there has been a push from both major and minor advertisers to the medium. Additionally, TV networks are releasing new streaming platforms every other day, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see OTT become the next big thing when it comes to digital advertising.

Facebook Ads Have Switched Up

Facebook has changed. More specifically, Facebook Ads are much different today than they were a few months ago. With the iOS 14 update, iPhone users are now able to opt out of sharing their personal information with apps that they use. As a result of the update, people’s private information is more secure (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong), but it also means that advertising your business to the right people is much more difficult. 

Previously, you would be able to see all kinds of data about who viewed and interacted with your ads, but this is no longer the case. The Facebook Pixel has also received a change with the update. Now there is a max of 8 events set per pixel, meaning that you have to be selective about which events you track. What these changes mean for the future of Facebook marketing and how it will change is uncertain, but it’s almost guaranteed that a change will come. 

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

5 Tips to Start a Successful Business

Starting a business is a complicated thing to do. For one, there are many things to get in order. What should the name be? Should I hire workers? What type of business should I file for? How do I file? Etc. This all is why this list exists, to give you some tips for when you\’re just starting your business. Let\’s start with:

#1 Figure Out What Problem You\’re Solving

It\’s easy to get lost in what you\’re making. How it works, what it looks like, how expensive it is to make, etc. But it\’s important to not look over the reason the product or service exists in the first place. Focus on the issue that you can solve. Having your business be centric on problem-solving can help you see gaps or niches in a market that you can target. This also allows you to build a brand early as the \”X fixer,\” which will pay off in the long run.

#2 Be Aware Of Your Limitations

Now, it seems like a fairly basic idea, but so many businesses fail because they try to act outside of their scope too early. Start small and simple. Have a good idea that costs more than you can comfortably afford? Wait until you have the funds for this endeavor. Your financial situation isn\’t the only limitation you need to be conscious of. Starting a business means that you are counted on for a lot of things. Take a moment to seriously consider if this is something you are motivated and driven enough to undertake. Putting time and money into something only to realize it isn\’t for you is a large sink of resources for likely no returns.

#3 Work While You Make Your Business

Again, pretty basic. Regardless, it still bears mentioning. While being passionate about your idea is a good thing; you don\’t want to throw everything you have into something that might fail. Keep your day job to pay the bills and save money for your business. Spend your time on the weekends working on your business.

#4 Learn What You Can About Digital Marketing

The average person is exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day. As things are, there isn\’t a ton of room for you to get your business out there. This is why it\’s vital to know as much as you can about how to market your business online. Traditional marketing like billboards and commercial spots still have their uses, but they are usually expensive and won\’t be as effective as digital marketing is for free. Read some articles online, watch some videos, talk to other business owners about how they market their business to get started. From there, pay attention to what gets attention online and pivot to do what you see.

#5 Make Friends With Other Business Owners

Starting solely on your own is a hard path to follow, especially if you don\’t have experience starting a business. This is why friends with their own businesses are a valuable asset to have. They are excellent fonts of information you can pull from, or maybe even another way to market your business by word of mouth through them. If you don\’t know any business owner friends, look into small business development programs that can help you network. 

My First 30 Days at Procept Marketing

I have now been at Procept Marketing for about 30 days or so. In that time, some things have changed, and some things have stayed the same.

The first thing is that I previously referred to coming into work as going to summer camp. I would say that is no longer an accurate statement. Now it feels more like a job where there’s always something to be done. Rarely do I ever feel like I don’t want to come into work. Whenever I do feel that way, it’s usually because my personal life is stressful and not due to work itself.

At the time of my previous journaling, there were somewhat frequent what I call “company culture check-ins” where everyone would take a second from the work to talk with the office, get everyone on the same page and lighten the mood in general. Now, these don’t happen as much anymore. This is primarily due to work and how generally occupied everyone is with what we have to do. Work is definitely getting done, and conversation for the sake of conversation still happens, but full get-togethers are rarer.

There is always something new for me to learn whenever I come into work. Whether it be how to put together a social media post, a behind-the-scenes process for a website, or some new stock to invest in for guaranteed returns.

Investment and trading have, for lack of a better term, infected the office. Quite literally, not a single day goes by without someone mentioning a trading option.

Brad is still hard to read for the most part. Veronika has made a conscious effort to work on her “tone” when speaking on the phone and I’d say she’s improved. Overall, this is still the best place I’ve had the opportunity to work and it would take something drastic to change that opinion. 


Durin Planchard

Junior Account Developer, Content Writer

Durin is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When he isn\’t serving up flaming hot content, Durin enjoys Karaoke with his girlfriend, Lindsay, and being a big ole\’ nerd rolling dice and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

My First Week at Procept Marketing

So I, a young 20 something fresh out of college, have worked at Procept Marketing for a total of one week.

At first, I was skeptical when I applied for the job. For one, I’ve been out of school since December 2020, and I’ve averaged 50 applications every week since graduation with varying results. Many places required years upon years of experience that I lacked and I rarely received a response.

The places that did respond either wanted to pay me next to nothing for 40 hours a week or they were start-up companies who wanted me to work for free with promises of a big payday later when we \”made it.\” Neither situation was ideal, and I assumed Procept was going to be more of the same. Then I received a phone call about 15 minutes after I applied for the intern position.

I was in bed with my girlfriend, both of us slightly hungover from the previous night. I answered the phone and was met with a woman who frankly sounded somewhat deadpan. She was Veronika from Procept Marketing. She asked what my availability was, what I wanted from the job, and when I could come in for an interview. The whole time, Veronika sounded like I had offended her or that I made her upset in some way. Despite that, I had an interview and I was happy to have a potential job offer. So I drove to the small house-like building and wondered how a marketing agency could operate in such a small space. The interview itself was fairly standard, what my best and worst qualities were, what skills I had, that sort of thing. I made a few jokes, got some laughs, and with that, I was hired.

Over the course of the week, I have been given a few assignments, including this blog post. I\’ve witnessed a fair amount of ribbing and jokes at other people\’s expense. Not in a cruel way, but like you might expect from siblings or old married couples. The management seems to look after the staff like a pseudo-family. They all make sure the workers are doing the work they want to do while also pushing us to be better professionals than when we started. So despite first appearances, this job has been an excellent experience, and I am excited to grow my skills at Procept Marketing.


Durin Planchard

Junior Account Developer, Content Writer

Durin is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When he isn\’t serving up flaming hot content, Durin enjoys Karaoke with his girlfriend, Lindsay, and being a big ole\’ nerd rolling dice and playing Dungeons & Dragons.