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Video isn't new

What IS new is how important video is to building your brand.
The Procept Marketing team provides custom video content that stands out from the rest of your competitors. Whether your industry is healthcare, real estate, law, fitness, or influencer marketing–video belongs in your content marketing plan. Procept Marketing can provide you with the platform to communicate 1000 things in 90 seconds or less. We begin with storyboarding and walk with you hand in hand to create a compelling visual of your brand concept.
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Right now, video is absolutely dominating social media. Video marketing has become a powerful way of reaching out to both prospective and existing clients. Video helps you to humanize your brand. In a growing digital world, video with the face of a real person telling a story is extremely impactful, allowing viewers to put a face and a personality to a service or product. Video can offer tremendous ROI, with studies showing that simply adding a product video can increase conversions by 80%. Video does it all--it builds trust, increases engagement, ignites emotions, and can boost your SEO. Video and mobile go together like rice and gravy; more than 75% of worldwide video viewership is on mobile devices.

Up to now, commercials were limited to major broadcasting companies on TV and generally did not fit most advertising budgets. With advancements in technology and social advertising, integrating commercial video is affordable and achievable. Procept Marketing can produce video content for you to fit any budget. If video isn't a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2019, Procept Marketing is here to help. With production and creative media solutions for your business, we will take your branding message to the next level.

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Procept Marketing was started by a founding group of family. Everyday we come to work driven by a ridiculously high urge to see our clients succeed. We believe that there is always a better way to do marketing.


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