Geofencing & Beacons for Geo-Targeted Marketing

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GEAUXBEACON targets your customer base based on their proximity to your businesses location increasing the opportunity of getting them in the door.

How Geo-Targeted Marketing works

Beacon Marketing

It is a well known fact that Beacons are the next revolution of marketing. Beacons give you the ability to provide real time push notifications about products, deals, events and more inside and outside a store front.

Geofencing - Proximity Marketing

Create proximity boundaries around businesses to create a consumer Geofence. Once consumers drive or walk through a Geofence they receive real -time push notifications of deals, products, special events and more.

Deals, Products & Notifications

How do businesses get real-time notifications to potential customers around their store? Beacons & Geofencing that is how! Proximity marketing gets real-time notification to consumers when they are most likely to use them.

What GEAUXBEACON's Geo-Targeted Marketing will do

Grow Repeat Business

Using proximity marketing increases repeat business with notifications of deals, specials and other information sent from your business.

Leverage Location

Transform your location and the area around your business into a digital marketing zone.

Push Notifications

Engage customers with push notifications based on their location about deals, specials, events, product information and more.

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BEACONS - Proximity Marketing

Beacons pack a technology punch for businesses by putting out a Bluetooth low energy signal that once picked up will send your marketing message or ad via push notification to your target customer.

Beacons are a marketing game changer

Specials & Deals

Beacons work great for sending deals and specials to consumers within a specific location to bring them in to their business.

Products, Events & More

Another great use for beacons is to provide consumers with product information, local events and much more

Consumer Engagement

Beacons help keep consumers engaged with what is going on with products and services that businesses have to offer.

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